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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Alcides Burn artworks ( / )

"Alcides is one of the best when it comes to Rock and Metal artworks, we are super proud to work with him, he has been doing fantastic works for bands like Bark, Krisiun, Revolta , Headhunter DC, Korzus, Obituary, Rebaelliun, Taurus and many others"

"Leo uses and abuses FU-Tone gear!"

Two Notes Audio Engineering ( )

"We proudly use the most flexible CABSIM in the world!"

Zombie Dust Pickups ( )

"BKN Uses custom ripping thrashing pick ups made in England by Zombie Dust"

Headless USA ( )

"The best headless bridges you can find"

AMT Pedals and Amplification (

BreaKdowN proudly uses AMT preamplifiers

"We are really satisfied with these preamps, we used it live and in the studio for bass and guitars... and yeah they stand out and we can get our valve burning sound everywhere we play! cant believe the amount of rage that comes from the little boxes!"

Wanderley Perna WDESIGNER ( )

"Perna is the man when it comes to videos and graphic design check his work!"

"We have been working with Kris for years, he is full of talent and can transform our music in images"

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"beneath the remains" "German thrash metal"

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