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There are a couple of alternatives at this moment:


-Shop with us

You can buy the following items with us  or on big Cartel ( ) for the items we have in stock

-BRASIL SHOP (Brazil/South America)

 Para Brasil e America do Sul, teremos uma loja exclusiva
 Novidades em breve!


For Europe. you get the best value for money byuing from  our german shop, we are setting up! Coming soon! 

-The BKN Global shop!

  This is a global shop with exclusive designs in partnership with printful 

Payment not going through? we are seeting this up and it may happens, select your product size and send an email to , we will get your merchandising for you!
Thanks for the support! 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Heavy, Thrash, Death metal band, "Time to Kill", "Voices of Khaos", "From Other Times", "Brazilian Thrash, "thrash Metal", "Sodom", "Kreator", Sepultura", "Dismember" "divide and Konquer" "Andy classen" "stage one studio" "unsilent records" "Thrash metal germany" "sarcofaco" "tankard" "accept"
"beneath the remains" "German thrash metal"

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