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“(..) just as amazing as the cover and title, so is the sound of the  trio. (…) got the punch of old school, amazing melodic pieces and good solos”
Rock Hard Germany

"Time To Kill is an LP engraved with eight tracks of pure thrashing entertainment with death metal growls and grunts to match."

Born from the dirt and violent streets of Sao Paulo and relocated to Ireland and Germany later on, BreaKdowN blasted on to the scene in 1998 playing every kind of show imaginable. Led by Leo they quickly found themselves embraced by every facet of the insanely diverse local music scene from punk to tech death. After recording their titled Disgrace 3 song demo, and a live tape called Live After Thrash, the label Unsilent Records saw them kickin’ ass live on a little gig and decided to release the first BreaKdowN full length .“Time To Kill” (released Nov, 2007). These 8 tracks proved to become an underground favorite over the next year as BreaKdowN appeared compilations from Brazil,USA and Germany and on the great magazines and zines over the world like ROADIE CREW, ROCK BRIGADE, RIDERS RUSH (RUS), ROCK HARD (GER), HMP (POL)… and slammed the stage along open acts such as VULCANO, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, EXECUTER, ANTHARES, APOCALYPITC RAIDS, CHAOSFEAR, COMANDO NUCLEAR, FARSCAPE, BLASTHRASH and many more. Also included a lot of shows as headliners in some fests. "Time To Kill" once again delivers a variety of extreme Metal and a blend of melody, sounding broadly defined like a bastard of DEATH, KREATOR and NWBHM with the factor X that makes BreaKdowN so expressive and strong. Eight tracks of pure energy, hate and face kicking metal songs that will please Death Metal, Thrash and Heavy Metal fans in the same vein. 

The production is hard and old school, the songwriting intense. The perfect album to tear down your living room by diving from your lockers!

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Guitars & Vocals

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Edu Pinho


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Tati Schmidt


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"beneath the remains" "German thrash metal"

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