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Updated: Jan 7

Find here the latest and some band history!thanks for visitng us !


2023-Preproduction of the new EP starts in Germany and Brazil. more to come!

2022-The band hires Alcides Burn for the new material cover

2021-The band moves to Germany.

2021-An Album Vizualizer produced by Wanderley Perna (Genocidio is released)

with the digital era, the band

2020- New Line up -Mark V-Dublin Ireland

Leo, Tati and Damien.

2020- The band announces a partnership with Zombie Dust Pick ups

2020- The band announces a partnership with AMT electronics (Russia)

2020- The band enter the Trackmix studio in Dublin Ireland to record new demos

2020- New website is released

2020-Tati joins BreaKdowN as a bass player

2019- "From Other Times" EP is released in Ireland

The material is a compilation of unreleased and tribute tracks.

2018- Time To Kill is finally released on digital platforms (Spotify,Itunes,Googleplay , Amazonmusicetc) and the band gets into the digital era

2013-2018-The band continues distribution worldwide but no concerts.

2013- Leo relocates to Ireland and the band activities are paused.

2011-2012-The band start rehearsals with the new line up

2011- Mark IV Line up : Leo, Ivo Rocha and Ricardo

2010-Edu and Danilo leave the band

2009-the first music video for "...and the attack does not stop" is released, produced by Leonardo Gusmao and the band.

2009-BKN start creating new material in the studio META in Sao Paulo, while continuing playing larger concerts in Brazil

2009- Time To Kill is released in Vinyl Version in Germany

2008- BKN reaches the global underground scene

2008-2009- Mark V Line up , Edu returns to the drums and the band plays with known acts like Vulcano, Omen,Blasthrash,Toxic Holocaust

2007- Mark III Line up, Leo, Danilo and Leandro Uther

2007- Time To Kill is released via Unsilent Records & Mutilation records

The album has great feedback worldwide, and the band start to get known outside their home country.

Time To Kill was recorded at the META studio in Sao Paulo between 06-07 and it was produced by Unsilent Records, Daniel Rodrigues and Leo and Mastered by Leon Manssur (Apocalyptic Raids) , artworkcover by Kris Verwimp (BE) .

This album was recorded on the underground DYI style, with a few experiments and a lot of learning but it captures well the band fury and energy.

2006- BreaKdowN signs to Unsilent Records-Brazil after the label owners watched the band's first concert with the new line up at the "Cerveja Azul" venue.

2005-BreaKdowN releases "Disorder & UnProgress" CD promo in Russia via the RidersRush Label

2004-Mark II Line up, Leo, Edu and Danilo.

Edu was introduced to the band by Felipe Nizuma (Blasthrash/Violator)

2004- Edoom and Bruno leave the band.

2002- Live After Thrash is released, a compilation of live tracks recorded at the classic underground venue "Magic Bus" in Sao Paulo.

2001-The band gets well known on the local underground scene, playing in Sao Paulo and surrounding cities.

2000-The first demo Disgrace is released and BKN debuts in the Underground

The demo had 4 songs: War, Traitor, Disgrace and flag of hate (Kreator) and it was recorded at the "Altenoise" studio in Sao Paulo, Live and raw.

This demo was recorded with the purpose of playing on the local venue "Fofinho Rock Club" , this being the first time the band has played in a professional venue...and the band sold it first demo was sold to Adelfe from the band " Em Ruinas", and opened many doors on the underground scene.

1999-BreaKdowN playing their first "concerts" on localschools and bars , and get well know by the local headbangers and police

1998- BreaKdowN starts with the Mark 0, at the beginning the band was a duo formed by the brothers Leo and Bruno, with this line up BreaKdowN started to play on local friends' houses a mix of covers and own music

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