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2020- The band announces a partnership with AMT electronics (Russia)

2020- The band enter the studio to record "Voices of Khaos"

2020- New website is released

2019- "From Other Times" EP is released in Ireland

2018- Time To Kill is released on digital platforms (Spotify,Itunes,Googleplay etc)

2015- BreaKdowN relocates to Ireland and activities are paused

2011- Mark V Line up : Leo, Ivo Rocha and Ricardo

2009- Time To Kill is released in Vynil Version

2008- Mark V Line up , Edu returns to the drums

2007- Mark III Line up, Leo, Danilo and Leandro

2007- Time To Kill is released via Unsilent Records and Mutilation records

2006- BreaKdowN signs to Unsilent Records

2005-Mark II Line up, Leo, Edu and Danilo

2002- Live After Thrash is released, a complilation of live tracks

2000- First demo Disgrace is released and BKN debuts in the Underground

1998- BreaKdowN starts with the first line up, Leo,Bruno and Edoom.

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