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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

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2020- BKn is preparing new material

2020- The band announces a partnership with Zombie Dust Pick ups

2020- The band announces a partnership with AMT electronics (Russia)

2020- The band enter the studio to record "Voices of Khaos"

2020- New website is released

2019- "From Other Times" EP is released in Ireland

2018- Time To Kill is released on digital platforms (Spotify,Itunes,Googleplay etc)

2015- BreaKdowN relocates to Ireland and activities are paused

2011- Mark V Line up : Leo, Ivo Rocha and Ricardo

2009- Time To Kill is released in Vynil Version

2008- Mark V Line up , Edu returns to the drums

2007- Mark III Line up, Leo, Danilo and Leandro

2007- Time To Kill is released via Unsilent Records and Mutilation records

2006- BreaKdowN signs to Unsilent Records

2005-Mark II Line up, Leo, Edu and Danilo

2002- Live After Thrash is released, a complilation of live tracks

2000- First demo Disgrace is released and BKN debuts in the Underground

1998- BreaKdowN starts with the first line up, Leo,Bruno and Edoom.

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BreaKdowN BKN delivers a Variety of extreme Metal and Blend of Melody, sounding broadly defined like a Bastard of Death, Kreator, Pestilence, Sepultura and NWOBHM with Factor X that makes BreaKdowN so expressive and strong. Ten Tracks of pure Energy, Hate and Face kicking Metal Songs that will please Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal Fans in the same Vein.!

 BreaK Down The WallS!!!!

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